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new decks are HERE!!

Five new Mini Divi decks have dropped!

the top 5 bestsellers you will totally love:

the top 5 amazing things that happen when you shop holly oddly:

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Two trees are planted every month through OTP to keep Holly Oddly  sustainable!


I use many recycled materials, and almost nothing is packaged in plastic!


I donate $100 in sales every year to the DBSA


I donate $100 in sales every year to POMC.


You are supporting the livelihood of  someone with a mental illness (That's me!).

are you a store who wants to sell holly oddly goods?

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Being adopted from foster care, I gained a new background and heritage but lost my old one. When I became an adult, I did as much family research as I could, even contacting many family members that I'd never met. I learned that I was German and Pennsylvania Dutch on my biological mother's side, and this was really intriguing. A lot of my work now is inspired by that heritage: Krampusnacht, Fraktur, folk art, Braucherei/Hexerei, Grimm folktales, cartomancy etc., but with a Holly Oddly twist.

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Cemeteries became a huge source of inspiration when I moved to Savannah, GA. Victorian cemeteries, especially, were a sanctuary when I wanted to take a morning walk. I traded those lush spaces for a Victorian house when I moved away to rural south GA. I'm still very much inspired by the Victorian period, ghost stories, and grave markers. The South entangles its obsession with religion and the Southern Gothic in a way that is deeply complex and fascinating.

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Maybe as a tarot and divination deck creator I'm not supposed to say this, but I find tarot, divination, and oracle decks really fun. Living in the deep South my whole life, I often come upon people who judge what I design for a living in a very serious manner. And I chuckle a bit on the inside when I learn that they also believe that their fate is guided by an unseen force. In today's world it's easier than ever to see our differences rather than what makes us similar, but tarot is for everyone. I've seen people of every religion, non-religion, race, and cultural background enjoy tarot, and that's something that makes me really happy. 

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