This listing is for the Teeny Tiny Tarot and Mini Divi decks. 


Note: While my other items are not packaged in plastic, my decks are. This was not my wish, but my manufacturer placed them in plastic for protection during shipment. 


The Teeny Tiny Tarot (TTT) and Mini Divi are 58x88mm cards on 300gsm that are perfect for taking with you and using together. The Teeny Tiny Tarot is your standard 78-card tarot deck with bold cards that are inspired by all the things I find wondrous in the world, from skulls (I own a real human skull!) to Baba Yaga. Here are the suits:Sewing Needles = Swords, Skulls = Cups, Sticks = Wands, Eyeballs = Pentacles.Though my interests may seem a bit gloomy, they are paired with my fun illustration style and choice of colors. They follow the Rider-Waite quite nicely (without being a clone deck). Because of this, I'm not including an interpretation guide. In the age of the all-seeing internet, one doesn't really need a paper guide.


The theme for this Mini Divi deck is ghosts. I've loved ghost stories since I was very young, and I had a lot of fun bringing these cards "to life." There is 30 cards in this Mini Divi pack.

Teeny Tiny Tarot and Mini Divi