quarter press

loves graphic stories.



The problem is that comics and graphic works often become overwhelming to create. Even the most talented of artists can start wigging out when crafting page after page of art, story, design, dialogue, and on and on. Even in a smaller webcomic or newspaper “weekly” format, deadlines and continuing storylines pile up-- not to mention having to keep track of which jokes you’ve already made.


Quarter Press wants to change that by producing individually numbered editions of fun work.


Inspired by sketch comedies and poetry, we’ve boiled the artform down to a mini-book: three sizes of pages--all under six inches in width and four inches in height--and 16 pages long.


This is your opportunity to not only have your work seen, but to also find a home for those weird moments stored in your subconscious. We know that 16 miniature pages isn’t enough for an epic story. But we know that it’s enough room to produce a great gag, distill an emotion, capture a small moment in time.


Quarter Press hopes you have fun.


Honestly, we want to publish anything that grabs us, makes us laugh, gives us that “awwwww,” moment, tear up, or even have us scratching our heads with a “WTF?”


We’re not out to change the world. We just want our readers to think of us as a quarter sitting on the sidewalk: It’s worth picking up.


Feel free to drop us a line! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Quarter Press.

Be sure to include an appropriate subject line and email us: chrisatquarterpress@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest in Quarter Press.

We look forward to collaborating on

all the things with you!



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