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Note: While my other items are not packaged in plastic, my decks are. This was not my wish, but my manufacturer placed them in plastic for protection during shipment. 


This is a cardboard/paper box with a magnetic closure that holds all six Mini Divi Decks and the Teeny Tiny tarot. Alongside the box and decks, the wooden tarot coin, 20-card spread deck, and tarot cloth are also included. The cards are 58x88mm cards on 300gsm that are perfect for taking with you. The tarot deck is 78 cards and the Mini Divis are 30-card decks . The decks do not come with guides.  Note: the tarot cloth does not fit in the Lucy Seven Box.


To see all of these items, you can visit my YouTube channel:

Lucky Seven Box + Decks, Coin, Tarot Cloth, and spread cards

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