This is a digital copy of a 5x7 piece of art. Nothing will come to you in the mail. The copyright to my work belongs to me, and this print cannot be used for resale, memes, logos or anything other than hanging on your wall. 


Let's Adopt an Animal at Oatland Island Wildlife Center! Individuals, companies, school classes, and organizations can choose one of their animals to "adopt" for a fee of $30 per animal, and I am donating all of the profits from this print to go toward adopting an animal (or more if enough prints are sold)!

Joe Exotic Digital Print




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    Holly Oddly is peculiar paper and weird wares from Savannah, GA. If you are an underdog, cynic, or that person who can't ever seem to get it right the first...or even second time around, this is the place for you. Here, you'll find paper, home goods, and accessories that help you get all of those mixed up feelings off your chest.

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