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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Wisconsin apparently isn't a premiere summer destination. We figured this out when we would tell people who lived in Wisconsin that we were there on vacation. "You mean to see family?" they would ask. "We don't know a soul here," we would reply. This was actually supposed to be our five year wedding anniversary trip, but thanks to the pandemic we showed up over a year too late, two kids in tow. Despite that, the trip was most excellent. The weather was perfect, destinations like The House on the Rock and The Cave of the Mounds did not disappoint, and unexpected fun sites like Mount Horeb made the trip really fun. The food was good, except for the fact that I'm allergic to dairy and couldn't eat most of it. Chris and Corbin pretty much existed on Culver's frozen custard. As soon as we came back, the whole world seemed to descend on us: a main pipe burst under our house the day we got back, and we had to spend two days without water, after testing negative after our trip Chris and Ramona broke our family's clean streak by getting COVID from Ramona's school, and I had a distant family member go missing. It was a lot. But with the good comes the bad to balance it all out, doesn't it?

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