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The Saga of Plemons

You may know from Instagram that this little kitten entered our lives around July 10th, and we have been complete suckers for him ever since. We named him Plemons after Jesse Plemons because he has light fur, blue eyes, and a round little belly. Getting him his shots, needed hernia surgery, and having him fixed was no problem...or so we thought. Right before we left for our Wisconsin trip, we saw what looked like skin hanging from his back area. Our vet is closed on Saturdays by noon, so we took him to a neighboring county. Low and behold, it was his ball. Apparently our vet had only taken one out. So, he had to be fixed...again...and this time he was equipped with a donut to wear around his neck so that he couldn't bother the area. He's in excellent health now and basically owns the place, but I will never forget the time our cat was neutered...twice.

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