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Our Adoption Journey So Far

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Many of you know we started the journey this spring to adopt a teen from foster care. I was adopted from foster care when I was nine, and my husband's (now our) nephew was adopted. It's kind of a family thing, and we really want to advocate for a teen, especially, because they are cooler than us and need families, too. Here is our adoption timeline so far:

April 5th: adoption application

April 13th: Heard back from DFCS

May 3rd: had information session

May 4th: was sent application

May 5th-24th: waiting for background checks to go through

May 25th: Told of all the paper work we had to fill out and documents we needed to gather

June 2nd-7th: had our doctor appointments, drug screenings, etc

June 15th: passed our home inspection

July 1st: fingerprints taken

July 6th: signed up for IMPACT training

July14-August 23rd: we are in the middle of our IMPACT training now

August 25th: took test for IMPACT training and passed

September 14th: finished two of three home study sessions

So, that's really it for now. If we have anything else to put on the timeline, I'll do it here in this post. If I have any really big updates on the adoption process, I'll make a brand new post.

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